Additional Weight 10kg for Colibri Grinding Machine

(+ VAT)

Order by 12:30PM Wednesday 10th August and you could have your goods delivered by: Thursday 11th August

If you require additional pressure and grinding performance for the Janser Colibri floor grinding machine, you can order an additional detachable 10kg weight. 

The weight fits seamlessly onto the machine’s main body, without making it wider or more bulky, so it is still compact and easy to transport or store. 

How to attach the additional 10kg weight

For simple step by step instructions on how to attach and remove the additional 10kg weight to the Janser Colibri floor grinding machine, take a look at the helpful product demonstration video below.

The additional 10kg weight is available on a 2-3 working day delivery.

  • Weight: 10.00KG