Grippers are an essential requirement for a consistent, neat and durable flooring installation. Here at Trade Only Flooring Supplies, we stock a wide range, including the Floorwise regular and diamond sets. Browse the full range now by c...

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How do carpet grippers work?

Carpet grippers, also known as ‘tack strips’,  are long sections of plywood fitted with sharp angled nails on the underside. Grippers are typically around a quarter of an inch thick, and up to a full inch wide, although this can vary by brand and type. Their simple but effective design holds a carpet in place by gipping the floor beneath.

When a carpet gripper is fitted, the nails are positioned so they point towards the wall. This prevents it from being moved in the opposite direction. Carpet grippers are fixed around a room’s outside edges. The carpet can then be stretched over it where it will be held firmly in place at the edges of the room. The result is a taut, wrinkle free carpet fitting which stays exactly where you put it.

Types of carpet gripper

They may look similar at first glance, but there are numerous different types of carpet gripper available, each with their own unique properties. 

To start with, grippers vary by base flooring type. There are separate grippers that should be used for wood and concrete. You can also find dual purpose carpet grippers which are suitable for both concrete and wood sub-flooring.

In addition, we also stock special Diamond standard grippers, which feature an extra wide strip for easier and safer installation, as well as extra nails for a stronger long term grip. 

If you require an extra strong grip, such as for use with heavily reinforced backed carpets or thick underlays, try our extra-long pinned carpet grippers.

You are welcome to contact us any time for impartial, no-obligation advice on which carpet grippers are best for your installation.

Carpet grippers from the top brands

Our stock of carpet grippers comes courtesy of two of the very best brands in the industry: Floorwise and Gripperrods.

Floorwise are a highly trusted flooring supply and tool specialist, whose products have a sparkling reputation for reliability, efficiency and consistent results. The Gripperrods Tackfast range boasts variable pin lengths for improved versatility, while the high-quality Russian plywood construction results in a carpet gripper that sturdy and easy to install.