Glue Guns

Hot melt glue guns allow you to apply glue with effortless precision. At Trade Only Flooring Supplies, we are proud to stock two of the best in TEC’s hot melt gun range, including the TEC3400 Heavy Duty Glue Gun and the TEC810 standard mo...

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Glue Slugs 5kg

Glue Slugs 5kg

£64.50 (+ VAT) Multi-Buy discount available
TEC 810 Glue Gun

TEC 810 Glue Gun

£83.00 (+ VAT)
Glue Sticks (TEC 810) 5kg

Glue Sticks (TEC 810) 5kg

£64.50 (+ VAT) Multi-Buy discount available
Glue Gun Metal Case

Glue Gun Metal Case

£39.99 (+ VAT)

TEC 3400 Heavy Duty Glue Gun

TEC Glue Gun Applications

TEC Glue Guns are rated as one of the best crafting glue guns available to buy. They can be used to apply adhesive with neatness and precision across a wide range of tasks.

Our range of two TEC Glue guns can be used in product assembly, packaging and sealing, labeling, shoe or garment repair, book binding repairs, various arts and crafts, as well as installing ceramic tiles and other fixings.

They are also perfect for installing carpet grippers and door profiles for both residential and large-scale commercial projects. For more information on the applications of TEC Glue Guns, you can read more in our blog.

Why Choose TEC Glue Guns?

As well as their numerous useful applications, TEC Glue Guns are also top of class for usability, safety and efficiency.

The adhesive dries strong, with no thickness lost during the drying process. You can also get through tasks quicker thanks to the speed permitted through direct application. Excess adhesive is also not a problem, and any left-overs are easy to clean up and dispose of.

Furthermore, you get a multifunctional detachable base stand, including a nozzle wrench, and the glue guns have an improved narrow profile to aid visibility.

Our TEC Glue Guns are built to comply with worldwide industrial and electrical safety standards.

TEC Glue Guns Specification

TEC 810TEC 3400
Usage Residential & small scale Heavy duty & commercial
Glue type 12mm glue sticks 43mm glue slugs
Voltage 110/240v 110/240v
Heater Cartridge Cartridge
Power cable 2m 3m
Weight 500g 1150g
Wattage 250 watt 400 watt
Melt range 2kg/hr 3.5kg/hr
Interchangeable thermostat Electronic plug-in temperature modules
Low melt gun temp 130°C 130°C plug-in module included
Hot melt gun temp 195°C 195°C with 215°C and 160°C plug-in modules included
12 months 12 months