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Trade Guide: How much should you quote for a flooring or carpet fitting job?


One of the most important areas to get right when working as a contractor is costing your services. Charge too much and you can find yourself priced out by competitors, charge too little and you can find yourself being underpaid for quality work. This...

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What is the best flooring for your kitchen?


Whether you are a residential contractor or a homeowner with a passion for home improvements, you will probably agree the kitchen floor is one of the most important flooring choices in the home.  The best kitchen floor must be easy to clean and...

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TEC Glue Guns: Overview & User Information


Hot melt glue guns offer effortless precision and usability when applying adhesive to a multitude of surfaces. This guide will give you a concise overview of the TEC range of glue guns, stocked by Trade Only Flooring Supplies. This includes their various...

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The 5 Best Knee Kickers for Tradespeople in 2019


Knee kickers, also known as carpet stretchers are useful, specialised tools for installing wall-to-wall carpet. By placing the tined head down onto the carpet and applying force to the padded end, you can quickly and easily pull the carpet tight to the...

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