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Plastic Welding Guide For Tradespeople


The welding of plastic is a fundamental process that any flooring tradesperson should master to ensure customers are always left happy. The most commonly used plastic welding technique in the flooring industry is the use of a hot air weld gun. How...

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Carpet Stretching: A Step-by-step Guide


A well-chosen carpet makes a house a home, but a loose fitted or lumpy carpet is unsightly and a potential tripping hazard. It is important that your carpets fit snugly wherever they are installed. Carpet stretching is a simple and easy solution to...

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The 6 Top Flooring Trends for Autumn 2018


Success as a trade floor fitter means understanding the latest trends and expectations of customers. Make sure they are as proud of your work as you are by keeping things fresh and on trend. To give you a head-start - here's five of the latest flooring...

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