Wood & Laminate Accessories

Wood and laminate accessories give the perfect finishing touch with versatile solutions across a number of important areas including door profiles, scotia, skirting and pipe covers. Browse the full range today at Trade Only Flooring Supplies.

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Our range of Wood & Laminate Accessories

Here at Trade Only Flooring Supplies, we stock all the accessories you need for flooring jobs big and small. Fitting a carpet or floor with the right profiles, skirting and scotia is just as important as choosing the right flooring type.

Metal floor profiles

Metal floor profiles are designed to neatly join carpet to adjacent floor coverings, such as ceramic, wood and laminate. There is a superb range of materials available, including aluminium, simbrass, and matt silver and gold. Our metal flooring profiles are also available in an extensive range of sizes and shapes, including z-profiles and edge caps. Find out more by selecting Metal Floor Profiles above.

Laminate door profiles

Our door profiles enable you to neatly and effectively close and tidy up any gaps in the transition between your flooring and any door ways. There are various configurations available, which help you adjust or compensate for differences in height between one flooring surface and another. 

A great example is the Zenith 289.9MGS stick down sloping edge, which transitions perfectly between a hard, flat flooring and a thicker carpet. 

Our extensive range covers all flooring types, and you can find out more by selecting Laminate Door Profiles above.

Solid Oak Door Profiles

Our range of solid oak door profiles are perfect for people who want a warmer, more traditional finish that only wood can provide. Our range of 18 oak door profiles covers all of the most popular flooring configurations.


Scotia is special decorative trim that is designed to cover expansion gaps around the perimeter of a room without having to remove the skirting. Scotia trim comes in many different types of timber, including whitewood, cherry and solid oak. Our scotia is suitable for any room style thanks to over 60 colours available.


Skirting has been around since the Victorian era and has been a staple of household décor ever since. A well-chosen skirting board makes a tremendous difference to a room, both practically and aesthetically.

They help protect the base of your wall from every day scrapes or scuffs, such as accidentally knocking into it with a vacuum cleaner. They also help to insulate a property more effectively by covering any gaps between floor and wall.

In terms of design, skirting creates a highly polished finish to your wall and floor joints. An unfinished joint between a wall and floor can make a room appear unfinished; installing skirting closes this gap and makes the room look more appealing.

What are pipe covers?

Also known as ‘pipe collars’, pipe covers help conceal plumbing pipework penetrations through both walls and flooring. They are suitable for any building type and can even turn an unsightly pipe into a decorative feature. Pipe covers come in pairs, which fit together seamlessly around the pipe at its base.